The 5 biggest influences of Nerd and Geek Culture

Nerd culture has grown significantly in recent years, with a growing number of people identifying as nerds or geeks and embracing their passion for intellectual pursuits, fandoms, and hobbies traditionally associated with the "nerd" stereotype. Some factors that have contributed to the growth of nerd culture include:

Pop culture: The rise of pop culture phenomena like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and comic book movies from Marvel and DC have helped bring nerdy pursuits into the mainstream and make them more accessible and acceptable to a wider audience. Even those who just love this genre can now identify as "nerdy" because of their strong passions for something bigger.

The internet: The internet has created communities where people can connect with others who share their interests, no matter how niche or obscure. This has helped create a sense of belonging and validation for people who may have felt isolated or marginalized in the past. Connecting with like-minded people has given a huge boost is support as people find similar people they can identify and form bonds with.

Gaming: Video games have become increasingly popular and more socially acceptable over the years, leading to a rise in gaming culture and an increase in people who identify as gamers. This has also given rise to the competitive element of esports and game play streaming which has created a new channel of entertainment on a global scale. 

STEM fields: The growing importance of STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in society has helped elevate the status of "nerdy" pursuits and create more opportunities for people with a passion for these subjects.

Community empowerment: Comic Book conventions have grown significantly in the last decade. They offer a place for nerds and geeks alike to gather and share in the cultural creations they all love so much. The San Diego Comic Con has been a major force in creating these passionate people's gatherings for the community. These nerdy passion lifestyle conventions are now active in every major city in the world giving rise to nerdcore empowerment and acceptance.

Overall, the growth of nerd culture can be seen as a positive development, as it encourages people to pursue their interests and passions and celebrate intellectual curiosity and creativity on their own terms. Stelekon wants to help you be you. Stelekon supplies cool clothes - to cool nerdy people.