How do you pronounce STELEKON?
It's pronounced steh·luh·kn.

Is STELEKON really made by a team of nerdy elves?
Kind of. We are all Gamers, Comic Books lovers, Artists, Writers, Cosplayers, Musicians, Entertainers, Esport Enthusiasts, Movie Lovers, Designers, Pizza Lovers, and lovers of all other things Pop-Culture.

If I wear STELEKON will it make me cool?
No, you have always been cool. Most likely just a little misunderstood. STELEKON just partners with you to amplify your brilliance and help you be you in the coolest way.

How does STELEKON make such cool stuff?
We are also nerds and we make stuff that we love.

Can I wear these clothes without a pocket protector?
Of course! Our clothes are designed to make you look nerdy-cool, pocket protector or not.

Will wearing these clothes increase my intelligence?
While we can't guarantee a boost in IQ, you'll definitely look smarter. Plus, you might attract fellow nerds who will share their knowledge with you.

Are these clothes resistant to social awkwardness?
We wish we had such powers, but unfortunately, we can't make any guarantees. However, our clothes might make you feel more confident in any situation.

Will these clothes help me win at Dungeons & Dragons?
While our apparel won't grant you automatic victories, it will certainly enhance your nerd aura and make you the envy of your gaming group.

Can I wear these clothes to a comic convention?
Absolutely! Our clothes were practically made for conventions. You'll fit right in with your favorite superheroes, wizards, and aliens.

Do these clothes come with built-in WiFi?
We're still working on that feature, but for now, you'll have to rely on your phone for internet connectivity.

Can I wear these clothes while programming?
Definitely! Our clothes are coder-friendly, allowing you to write flawless code while looking geek-chic.

Will wearing these clothes make me a target for bullies?
Nerd pride! Our clothes celebrate all things geeky, and if someone tries to bully you, just remember they're missing out on all the fun.

Do these clothes come with a built-in pocket for snacks?
While we don't have a designated snack pocket yet, our clothes have plenty of pockets to store your gadgets, pens, and other nerdy essentials.

Can I wear these clothes to my wedding?
Absolutely! Our clothes can be the perfect attire for a geeky wedding. Just imagine saying, "I do" in a T-shirt featuring your favorite Star Wars quote.

We believe that Individual we are strong, and united we are invincible. Live long and Prosper!