Influencer Program

Want to be a part of the STELEKON Army?

STELEKON needs you! We make nerd gear that highlights your passion and puts it on the surface. We want you to wear something you're proud of, something that hides pizza stains, and something you're stoked about! If you want to be a part of something great, something about you, join the STELEKON army. We want individuals that bring happiness to the world. Those that want to enjoy life on their terms.

What do you need to do? Wear the gear, Promote the brand, post about the brand, share our posts with your friends, slap our stickers up and tag us, tell your friends, Be part a part of the STELEKON Army and be proud of it. You need to have a a following on social media too. You know, so people see your hard work.

What do you get as an Army member? Free stuff! As a STELEKON Army member we send you free gear and stickers. If you post and share our posts, we will send you more. We will also give you a personal discount code so you can get 30% off of more stuff. It's that awesome!

Sound good? How to sign up:
Complete the online application.
Give us your name, social handles and contact info. In a few sentences tell us about you and why you should be in the elite STELEKON Army. We are only picking a few new ones for 2023.

Individual we are strong - United we are invincible!!