The CrossBones Collection is Here!

We Want to Give Fans Something to be Fanatical About.
We're tired of generic gamer gear and nerdy graphic tees. Nerd culture is about loving something so much you become the source. It's about time a brand showed you that love back and made you innovative and authentic products that highlight your culture, not make a caricature of it.

We have just launched the CrossBones Collection which consists of several key essential pieces of clothing that represent you, your passions and your lifestyle. Nerd Clothes Emblazoned with the STELEKON Trooper head and cross bones, the new collection is crisp, clean and full of kick-ass gear. From T's to jackets to essential hoodies, the line has everything you need to fresh'n up your wardrobe as we move into 2023!

STELEKON aims to disrupt the current (and kind of cringey) trends in nerdcore gear. In short, we supply cool clothes to cool nerdy people.

Embrace your inner nerd.
Nerd culture is all about being a part of a community, and the best way to do that is by embracing your inner nerd. Nerds have gotten a bad rap. They're often portrayed wearing mismatched clothes, speaking in incoherent jargon, and being a nuisance. But that's not what being a nerd is actually about. Anyone who identifies as a "nerd" is simply marking themselves as passionate, loyal, and connected to something bigger than themselves.

is it time for you to join the STELEKON Army?

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